WIINO is a slow fashion brand that was created from two people with the same desire, to create beautiful clothing that represents our style and identity. 


From the cities of Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro, where tropical and urban, technology and nature meet, their style was born out of a love of contrast. This contrast created WIINO in 2015, bringing our first range of embroidered t-shirts. 


Focusing on small details, every collection represents our experiences and stories. When creating, the process is visual and intuitive, using empathy and exclusion to create designs and fabrics that we feel are missing when buying clothes.


Moving away from what is readily available or commonly done, puts us in contrast with a mass-production world. We take pride to produce our clothes sustainably and ethically in Portugal, using high-quality materials from certified factories, at exclusive quantities, care & attention. 


We hope you like our items as much as we love making them.